Great article and advice for New Graduate Nurse Practitioners

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The article below, written by Samantha Damren and posted through the Advance for NP/PA blogs is a great article filled with some sound advice for New Graduate Nurse Practitioners.  Enjoy!

New Grad NP

Advice for New NPs

December 13, 2012 3:16 PM by Samantha Damren

ShareTime, because of its duplicitous intangibility and quantifiable nature is, to me, a perennially elusive phenomenon. You can measure it but you can’t hold it and yet it dictates the rhythms of life. While I reflect on these ephemeral characteristics, the advent of 2013 ushers forth the commencement of my second year as a Nurse Practitioner.

I still feel every ounce the neophyte but am pleased to share with any new clinician that as the days pass a feeling of authority and competence will slowly replace the choke hold of anxiety associated with the responsibility of diagnosing and treating patients. From one new practitioner to another, I have included some tidbits to help surmount the inevitable challenges associated with this work and ultimately dominate the passage of time.

Do your research and shadow another NP during their routine work day before deciding to accept the job

Ask for CME funds as part of your hiring negotiations

Utilize resources like Uptodate often

Approach your job in the same studious manner that you approached your exams: this means a lot of reading outside of work

Always ask for help

Follow up with your patients, their labs and their imagery studies

Become familiar with the medications you most often prescribe, e.g. dose, drug interactions, side effects, safety in pregnancy, duration of treatment, frequency of administration

Seek peer review

Always work to refine and improve your documentation skills

Leave the position if you don’t feel well supported

Practice prescience, always think about where you are now and where you want to be in your practice – set both short and long term goals.


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